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Business Optimization

Online and Mobile: Bespoke Software and Database Solutions



ESB2B excels in both product development and process design.

We are developing in the following directions

Software development services
Software testing
Web development services
DevOps as a service

We work closely and strategically with our clients to understand their business plan and infrastructure before we recommend bespoke, cost effective, and innovative IT solution.

Our approach is to provide services in accordance with the needs of the client's business and the requirements of the project. To this end, we carefully manage all risks in the software development process so that nothing is missed.

Full cycle of IT product development

Custom software development

Mobile development

Web development

Data management and web analytics

Cloud solutions and DevOps

Testing and quality control

UX/UI design


IT Support is unique. All aspects of the customer relationship at ESB2B are handled by a dedicated project manager. He is authorized to form a project team, conduct any negotiations, including on financial terms, resolve all current work issues for the client.

The world of IT is a massive, ever-changing mix of technologies, concepts, ideas, and realities.


What They’re Saying

The ESB2b team is competent; they integrate consulting and technology to provide exceptional client experiences for their customers from backend integration solutions to process digitization to creative business models.
Christine Eve



They have a highly experienced group that is capable of determining the optimum match for any demand. What distinguishes them is that they are genuinely concerned about the success of their consumers. They worked as an extension of our team, making them incredibly simple to deal with.

Kevin Martin



ESB2B has gone above and beyond to assist all of our employers in offering cutting-edge solutions. They allow us to focus on our business without worrying about IT. It’s remarkable how they can put their talents and expertise to help you get the most out of your business.

Jessica Brown


Choosing us, you choose first-class specialists who will help your business reach new heights.

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