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About us


ESB2B excels in both product development and process design

  • From bespoke hospitality and leisure software, Smart home to Smart office packages, omni-channel solutions to better business processes through our PaaS or SaaS offers - a ready team of globally dispersed specialists and consultants are here to support Your restructures, optimization efforts, up-grade plans and strategy of growth.

  • Our growing and dynamic multi-lingual team of field technical engineers and hardware trouble-shooters, UX designers, as well as 24/7 multi-line IT Support structure – benefits from international talent pool and meticulously network of trusted and vetted regional and local partners.

  • ESB2B experienced and certified project managers are known for their zeal, and have impressive portfolios of e-commerce rollouts, new country and region entries, business restructures, product re-vamps, CRM and ERP implementations for clients worldwide.


We are developing in the following directions

Software development services

We combine software development experience and industry expertise to create scalable IT solutions for both ambitious startups and large corporations.

Web development services

ESB2B helps customers develop scalable web solutions from scratch or transform outdated systems into modern solutions. We guarantee transparency of project implementation and professional development teams for creating web solutions - from MVP to large-scale platforms.

Software testing

Regardless of whether customers turn to ESB2B to test finished products or start developing a product in our company, the QA team helps to build the entire testing cycle and improve software quality.

Business analytics as a service

ESB2B has been implementing a wide range of big data projects. We help our customers with secure and reliable data storage, fast and accurate processing, transparent and timely analytics and data visualization. We develop effective solutions for the client's business - from integrating data into a BI system to developing an individual solution from scratch.

DevOps as a service

Thanks to the experience and expertise of the DevOps team, we automate software testing, deployment and release, significantly improving product quality and minimizing costs.
Our DevOps engineers design an IT environment, develop a scalable cloud infrastructure and automate the software delivery process using ready-made automation frameworks or custom scripts written in popular programming languages such as Ruby, Python, PowerShell, Bash, JavaScript and others.

Mobile solutions for business

We help our clients take advantage of modern technologies without burdening their business. We create, integrate and innovate with mobile applications to improve business performance.

Salesforce services

The advantage of Salesforce-based solutions is the ability to refine and customize the main platform by developing your own software. ESB2B certified Salesforce developers are well versed in the technologies and processes of creating Salesforce applications that automate various business processes - from marketing to customer technical support. We help our customers create effective business solutions by developing applications for the Salesforce platform and integrating it with other systems.

UX/UI services

ESB2B UX engineers and UI designers help our clients increase user engagement in their product and translate new ideas into ready-made solutions. Creating a positive UX is one of the key goals of ESB2B projects, so our UX and UI team combines developments with many years of experience to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface. We design intuitive interfaces that not only meet the business needs of customers, but also exceed their expectations.

IT Support is unique. All aspects of the customer relationship at ESB2B are handled by a dedicated project manager. He is authorized to form a project team, conduct any negotiations, including on financial terms, resolve all current work issues for the client.